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At only 18 years of age Mathieu Rachmajda, aka MattRach (Prounounced Matt Rash) is a phenomenal guitarist. His musical style is very diverse because he is in love with all kinds of music. Mattrach has become well known and famous thanks to the internet, where he has had incredible success. His videos have received more than 36 million views! 
MattRach's music has recently been made available on the internationaly known music provider "iTunes", as well as a handful of other well known music providers. 
With MattRach's popularity and success on youtube, the young artist has developed a following on his this site as well as on Facebook and MySpace. Please look around to communicate with other fans! 
MattRach has been playing the guitar since he was eight years old and has been in a band since 2003. His Band consists of Matt, Fab and three brothers Seb, Olive and Nico. In 2006, these musicians decided to build the group Incidents. For two years the group played shows playing everything from Massive Attack to Queen, Dream Theater, Chic and U2, mainly in places like St Pasino and Amand, France. The Band also plays MattRach's original compositions. 
The group took the name Appalooza in January 2007 and began to compose it's first debut album, "Titans Water". Feel free to post your comments on Mattrach's Work. Matt enjoys playing all styles of music: pop-rock, funk, metal, blues, jazz. 
When MattRach performs his music in front of an audience, his back up band is called "Play" which is the same line up as Appalooza minus the singer. 
MattRach gives many Thanks to his much loved guitar teacher Frederique Moulin.

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